Episode 2 – Military Transbender With Racist Gay Asian

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    • Outrage After Transphobic First-Grader Misgenders Classmate.
    • You Won’t Believe Who Is A Podcast Transginger!
    • What Is The Unfortunate Side Effects Of Serving Your Country?
    • These Firefighters Get A Surprise Reward That Will Put A Smile On Your Face.
    • Young Chinese Can’t Join the Army You Won’t Believe The Reason Why!
    • Man Stuck In An Elevator For 71 Hours And You Won’t Believe What He Did.
    • White Supremacist Surprise Recruit Is Asian.
    • Man Stabbed For Neo-Nazi Haircut.
    • Facebook Purges Fake News Pages From Ad Network.

All this and more on the Faux News Show!